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TAB Wellness Premium Gold Sea Moss Gel is one of our BEST SELLING Whole Foods.

Our organic Sea Moss are naturally grown, hand-harvested, and air-dried from the Jamaica West Indies.

Whether you’re following an alkaline diet or just want to improve your immunity, sea moss offers a variety of benefits, helping you promote your health by providing the body with 92 needed minerals for the body, with an additional surplus of beneficial vitamins and antioxidants which assist with the following:



*High Cholesterol


*Thyroid dysfunction

*Improves energy levels

*Mucus dissolver

*Boost immunity

*Muscle Recovery

*Helps nourish skin and aids with anti anging ( facial/mask)

* Aids in protection of brain tissue from degenerative diseases

*Aids with muscle recovery

*Helps to improve/increase sex drive


It's time! Time for the natural change your body is craving. Our natural products will help you pave the way to health and wellness.


**Natural, 0 additives**



Can be taken orally, or be added to the following:

*Smoothies *Juices *Tea *Cakes *Sauces *Homemade ice cream *Stews and soups

This product is safe for you and your children!

  • Sea Moss Gel Care

    Upon Receiving and Opening Refrigerate

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